Jenii (iamjenii) wrote in egl,

BtSSB Halloween Alice Underbust JSK Size Question

I recently purchased a BtSSB Halloween Alice Underbust JSK (2007) & was wondering if there were more than one size released? From the information I gathered off of Hellolace & Lolibrary, there is only one size/set of measurements archived.
Hello Lace entry
Lolibrary entry
Set of measurements on both:
Bust: 84cm
Waist: 64cm
Length: 92cm

If this IS the only size...I am unfortunately about 1 inch too large around my ribcage to zip up - everything is fits (cry). Literally sized 33inch bust & I am a 34inch bust. My second inquiry would be: how would I be able to make this fit other than to diet+exercise & hope it'll fit by Halloween? Any suggestions for physically altering the dress? *bear in mind the bodice is a velveteen material

The dress is the black x gray colorway (and before I realized it was only a one-size dress, I''ll be receiving the ivory colorway in the mail shortly) So I have two of these dresses to somehow try & fit into.

Thank you in advance!
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