cillianne (cillianne) wrote in egl,

TaoBaoFocus communication confusion?

Hey guys!
This is not really a 100% lolita question as I'm not dealing with a brand or something, but I know you're experienced in communication with oversea sellers, and because Qutieland is also a topic sometimes, so I thought that a TaoBaoFocus-related question might pass, too =) Feel free to delete it, if it's not appropriate.

So, I've ordered shoes from An*Tai*Na through TBF and made the first payment. Nothing happened for about 2 months, so this e-mail communication happened: 

Hello! I'd like to ask about this item I've ordered. It!s been over a month and the order is still processing... I can't speak chinese, so can you please help me what's happening with the shoes? Are they being made in a factory? Is everything OK? Thank you! 

This item is canceled. Item is out of stock. Do you want to cancel
order or to add anyone new item to this order?

Sorry for the trouble!
Is it possible to order this wig instead of the shoes? (link) Can it be paid with the money I've sent you for the shoes?
Thank you!

Hello! We send your request to logistic department. Inform you as soon as possible. You can pay your money now...

Umm.. anybody has any idea what the "You can pay your money now" means? o.O I've already paid them, and I didn't receive any paypal link or something... I'm really confused. Thank you!  


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