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april theme:my transformation from an average girl to a princess!

hello! i was so excited when i saw the theme this month, and i had alot of fun!

well, heres me out of lolita! i wasnt wearing makeup there, cuz it was in the morning and i was about to do this, and im making an awful face. its a bad picture overall, please excuse it lol. i dress pretty girly to school, like so-

close up-me, no makeup, no hair (gwoss lol)

now- PRETTY! i forgot to take a makeup shot, but i used concealer, foundation, two shades of pink eyeshadow, lip primer, light pink lipstick, liquid eyeliner, cream eyeliner, blush, and mascara. wow, its alot!

finished product-

and i LOVE my wig!

baby cafe, i love you! it was really my first eer dream dress and only my second brand dress! im obsessed with it, i wear it every chance i get! i went to my favorite tea room in this outfit!

and 1 extra shot to show some detail

weird face too...i need to concentate on my facial expression XD

hat:vintage store (and i tied the dress's waisties around it)
blous: bodyline
dress: btssb
socks: offbrand
shoes: bodyline

thats all folks!
i hope you enjoyed!

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