Annaykins (annie_chan) wrote in egl,

High Tea at 'Dolls at the Mount'

Upon the recommendation from local lolitas and a blog review, my friend umiyuko and I decided to host our joint birthday party at Dolls at HTMLthe Mount. This darling tea house is nestled in the quiet, lovely suburb Heidelberg, in Victoria, Australia.


The lovely location

KIRABOSH Sparkle filters. Every camera should have one.

isikenai & I in BTSSB

ryoflame in Atelier Boz

Many thanks to EliasSam for the photos!
Be sure to check out Sam's blog review too !

All in all, it's a beautiful place to visit and a bargain at $27.50 a person with far more food than what's offered at city hotels or other tearooms. The food is baked just before arrival, and the scones served to you steaming hot from the oven! Highly recommended!

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