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Let them eat cake! Photoshoot

So my friends and I did a photoshoot for my birthday ~ It's tea-party themed and we decided to call it "Let Them Eat Cake" because we thought it'd sound cuter haha ♥
Anyways, this is pretty much my first time posting here so if anything's wrong, please let me know.
Let's hope the cut works as well XD

ENJOY the pictures!! There's quite a lot of them so consider yourself warned :))

We actually did not  plan to channel towards lolita so much but by the end of the day, nearly all of us were wearing some form of it except for for me LOL~!

there's a lot more pics of us being silly there and messing around haha XD

Breakdown of each outfit:
Pink haired outfit:
Skirt is custom made by her's more of an aristocratic style/classic, yes?
blouse is from lolita store in Cypress
hairband: off brand.

Blond Haired outfit:
Skirt is from taobao shop
Golden top is offbrand
hair accessory is from Forever21

Green Haired outfit:
blouse is custom made by her
green jsk is also custom made by her.
hair accessory is off brand

Purple haired outfit:
Fur shawl is from FIDM student store
dress is actually a poofy white bridesmaids dress from
hair accessory is off brand

all of our shoes/heels are offbrand

As you can see, we're not really focused on brand items and we try not to go super overboard with the style we're trying to attempt, and it's probably also because we can't afford to go all out XD
but I hope you enjoyed the shoot .♥

Another note I'd like to add is that if you noticed we custom make a lot of our stuff. My friends and I are currently opening an online shop and it's just launched so we don't have too many items up yet not to mention we don't have many lolita items up at all.
But commissions are open right now-- though we're waiting until we get more settled down and then we'll start taking international shipping orders.
So basically, I just want to throw it out there that definitely in the future we'll channel more of our energy and branching out into sub-lolita lines in our online shop :)
If you are interested in checking out the site, just leave me a comment and I'll send you the link
For now though, toodles! Hope you enjoyed the pics :D

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