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1st Ever Animazement Lolita Calling Card Game

Hello members of the EGL. I am crossposting this from the Northcarolitas if there are any loli's coming from outside the North/South Carolina/south Virginia community who would like to join in the fun. I would like to offer up to everyone who would like to participate the 1st ever Animazement Lolita Calling Card Game. Animazement is an anime con we have here in North Carolina on Memorial Day weekend.  I was inspired by the calling card game that was held last year at Otakon.  One of our local members is working on a lolita social for Animazement this year and I thought this would be a good companion event. 

What it is all about:  Each loli who wants to play will make a calling card that represents themselves or anything they like.  Probably about 20 or so should be enough.  Then at the con beginning on Friday am you try to find who else is playing and give them one of your cards.  Whoever has the most cards wins a small prize.  I may do a top 3 not sure yet.  I am working on prizes at the moment.

What I need from you:  Whoever wants to participate I need a picture copy of your calling card emailed to me at: by May 15th.  This is to alleviate cheating.  I am not saying any of us will do that but I think this is the fair way of doing it.

When to finalize the game:  I have not figured out yet when we will have the get together to discover the winner yet.  I am waiting to see when the panels/social falls during the con and based on that we may could do a mini meet to discover the winner. 

So comment here if you want to play and then send me the copy of your card by May 15th.

See you all at the con.

Crossposted to the Northcarolitas community.

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