Lady Diana (princessediana) wrote in egl,
Lady Diana

Cute Plush sizing

Hi girls,

I would like to know something about Cute Plush T-shirts sizing. I'd like to order one of them, but I don't know if they are true to the measurements.
You see, for a size S, they say that the max for the bust is 81cm (it's very small O_o) and the waist is 63-66cm. The waist measurements are OK for me, but not the bust (my bust : 84 cm).
And for size M, the bust is OK, but the waist is too big (68cm min.).

So wanted to know if they are true to the measurements because I don't want to buy something that would be too small for the bust and OK for the waist and something OK for the bust and too big for the waist...

Thanks in advance :) !

(Sorry for my English, I'm very tired ^^'...)
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