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Taobao: MeiLiFang + MokoShop Wig Review!

Facebook Shops have been a pretty hit thing for a while and one of the local FB shops had a sale for Wigs so I decided to try it out since I needed a new wig anyways.

The place I brought/used was called Kira Kira Shop.  They sell many things including wigs from 3 main stores; 1/2 Prince, MeiLiFang and Moko Shop.

Payment: 10/10
It was 30% off 2nd item. I pay half my items with Paypal + Cash. :D

Communication: 10/10
Pretty good. Seller was really friendly and flexible!

Speed: 9/10

Ordered on Feb 27th and arrived to Canada on April 4th.

Overall: 9.5/10

Even though the items I wanted wasn't in their stock list at all, I asked them if I could get this and that referring to the TaobaoShop of MeiLiFang. In the end, it felt as they were a Wig Shopping Service more lol.

On to the Wigs...


I was kind of sketchy with MeiLiFang at first since some of their photos do look
kind of weird/badly taken. I didn't see anyone in the EGL buying from them so far, so I wasn't sure about the shop. But I decided to give them a try anyways and I was really happy with them!


Stock Photo:

It was packaged really nicely in a way where it wouldn't get squished! :D
Each part had a wig net to protect the hair.

It has three parts: Short hairpiece and 2 Clips.

How it looks: *Ignore my messy room. Closet Cleaning..*

I'm glad this wig turned out well! I really love this wig! It's so soft and has a really nice feel. There's lots of hair so the no holes or gaps...etc. I can make up to three different hairstyles with this too! ^.^ I would definitely buy from MeiLiFang again!

Quailty: 9/10
Price: $32 CAD


MokoShop comes from...Taiwan Yahoo Shops I think?
They're more everyday and casual and realistic hair, I suppose.
They have great quality but they just don't beat my MeiLiFang wig in terms
of softness.


This is the BEST hair bag I even got. It's really cute! There's a hair net also.

On to the Photo...

It's a really nice wig but the color was more green-ish? brown rather than natural brown compared to the stock photo.

Quailty: 8.5/10
Price: $36 CAD - 30% off = $25.20


So just putting it out there that MeiLiFang is a great shop also.
I personally think this is a cheap alternation for me even to TaobaoSpree; you have
to pay the fees and the shipping from China to there then to home...etc.
I would definitely buy from all these shops again :D

Thanks for Reading!
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