lolitasaurus (lolitasaurus) wrote in egl,

Very extremely noob post about Surface Spell sizing!

 Hey all! I'm a brand-new lolita who's been into lolita since she was 16-ish. Since then, I've collected a bit of lolita-ish pieces from off-brand sites. I'm now 20 and have lately just had the confidence to actually dress in full-blown lolita. 

And since I am in college and mostly broke, the first site that really caught my eye was taobao. I'm planning to get this JSK:

Now I'm wondering if anybody has experiences with weird sizing with Surface Spell dresses. I'm actually quite tiny, 5'0", with an 86cm bust and could fit into a 72 cm waist. The bust for the M fits me, apparently, but there's no way that I'm squeezing into a 66cm waist. Now, the dress has corset tie things on the back, but I was wondering if it would look a bit weird to order the L, since the bust size is 2 inches off my normal size. The waist seems pretty loose on the model.
I guess what I'm trying to ask is... can anybody point me to the right size to order? Are Surface Spell dresses smaller than they usually are and should I just size up to be sure?  Or can the M fit me just fine with the smaller waist?
Thanks in advance. <3 

PS: And I thoroughly apologize if this question has been answered before!
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