Vicki-Bot (vicki_bot) wrote in egl,

Bodyline antique clock in "pink"?

I hate to be this person, but I was wondering if anyone had photos of bodyline dress L304 besides the stock photo? I'm pretty sure what they call "pink" is actually more lavender, but it's hard to tell in every photo I've seen of it. I searched egl and google and couldn't find much, most people seem to have purchased the grey colorway. We all know the bodyline community isn't active enough to be of much help, so I hope someone here has some input :)
(Wanting to purchase the dress for an event coming up soon, but I'd need to start purchasing coordinating items before the dress arrives. I need some better idea of the colors of the dress!)

If you happen to have any input on the sizing of the dress, that'd be helpful too! I'm worried with no waist ties, that it might be big on me!

TLDR: Please give me all you've got on the antique clock print by bodyline (every color besides grey will help)

Thanks! <3
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