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Kidsyoyo confused rewiew

I titled this rewiew in the way I did because I haven't rewiewed anything before. I am doing this because everyone has always been very positive about Kidsyoyo, but I want to tell that not everything goes as perfectly.

I think this is neutral one since what I got is wearable and possible to fix. I think everyone is crafty enough to do it. Pictures and some story under the cut.

EDIT: Apparently the "loose threads" I so complain about were put there on purpose to protect the cloth. Now this probably serves as good way to see how things are delivered, don't freak out like I did. Still it was wrong colour, but other than that great.

Ok... I ordered this dress.
In the picture it's clearly brown. I have seen it in the other colourway in Qutieland site. I used Taobaospree though.

It took some weeks. That's not any issue since they asked me my measurements and making things just from the start can take it's time.

It arrived today. I opened the package, and the dress was not brown at all! It was having very pale green floral cloth (looks white on pictures, I have hard time telling it is greenish) on top and darker green on bottom. I think the colour can grow on me, but I really liked the brown one, was expecting for the brown one and now I'm pretty disappointed. The brown dress is the realistic dream dress I have liked for long time.
If someone understands Chinese, could they tell me if in the taobao page they are saying it's not the brown dress they are selling? Or would it be possible that they have taken the picture in so weird lighting conditions that it looks like it's the brown dress of my dreams but actually isn't?

Should I have expected that Taobaospree had noticed that it wasn't brown?

Here are pictures of the dress from front and back. Sorry for bad quality of pictures, only having cellphone camera.

KidsYoYo dress from front

Kidsyoyo dress from behind

The dress is not as good as I was wanting. I know that I shouldn't expect anything too good from something so cheap, but my Infanta JSK was cheaper and looks better.

The zipper was very hard to get moving all way to up. I actually thought the dress was too small! But with help from my BF we got the zipper up and I think it is moving a bit better. No pictures of that since it looks normal.

The dress has been made on my measures and I wonder a bit if they added anything on them. The dress fits me well if I decide I don't want to breath very deep. The lacing in the back is as loose as it can be. In future, should I add couple of CM on my measurements to avoid having too well fit items?

What bothers me is that in the hem there are sections of green and floral cloth and they have been sewn together from bottom and there's loose threads and weird sewing. In back of the dress it seems like they had tried to sew the cloth together too (there's thread), but it has come apart. I think I need to redo this. I don't think it will be too hard. But I was expecting that a company who has like only good rewiews would have taken care of thing like this. Circled in the pictures. The problem happens more than I have pictures since it would have been boring to look at about similar thing for more times.

Weirdly sewn thread

More weird threads

The weird threads opened.

The bow on the front has iron wireing inside it. It looks silly. This I knew to expect since I have seen one rewiew of the JSK before. I took a picture in case someone hasn't seen it yet. I haven't had the bow in any of the pictures since I decided the dress was way better without it.

Silly looking bow.

After the huge revelation that the threads were there to be cut away, my better petti fitted inside the skirt and didn't look wonky at all and I was able to make a bit better worn picture. I remove the old since it looks rather derpy and replace it with this since both me and the dress look a bit better. As I wasn't making a real coordinate, I still take my face out from it.

KidsYoyo JSK worn better.

Thank you all for interest :)

Last update: I got e-mail from my Taobaospree agent Lucy and then also Susan. They are sorry for me ending up with the white dress and I got 5% fee for my next order. They had been confused by the Kidsyoyo page too where the dress was brown and then didn't notice they can't actually order it in that colour. Everyone makes mistakes I guess and it was really nice of them to write to me.

Then Susan wrote to me again after talking with Kidsyoyo and apparently Kidsyoyo had no idea that you could only pick up the white colour from the page. They are fixing it. So now they have the brown one available too. I'd be amused if it didn't annoy me.
...guess whose package was caught by customs and had other bills to pay...

Maybe in future, my brown dress, maybe in future.
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