Gabby (littleskies101) wrote in egl,

IW Lauretta Rose jsk questions

Hello! I have a few questions I'm hoping to get answered about Innocent World's Lauretta Rose jsk. There is only the Ercu color in the long version left, so I would like to make a decision whether to purchases it soon or not before it sells out like the brown version ;___; 
It's also a very big purchase so I would like to make a well-informed decision. (BROWN for reference but I would be buying the Ecru version most likely).

Firstly, is it true to size? The website claims the measurements to be:

Bust: 81~102.5cm
Waist: 63~80.5cm
Length: 95cm(Lace length 3cm)

My measurements are 37"/30" and I'm 5'8". Would this appear to fit alright?

Also, if anyone owns this jsk, do you have anything else to comment on about it? Coordinates? Or are you looking to sell yours?

Thank you in advance for your help!
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