saccharinesoup (saccharinesoup) wrote in egl,

How do Brands measure?

I am an incredibly new user, but I have been lurking for quite a while. I've searched for the answer to my question and have so far been unable to find one. It's a pretty simple question, and may seem stupid, but;

How do loli brands measure the waist?
Specifically, do brands measure at the true waist?

The true waist, as I've heard, is the smallest part of your body. I recently measured, and was surprised to find that, once converting from inches to cm, if brands measure the waist as true waist, I could fit into brand (specifically, Baby).

However, I'm unsure as to whether Baby (and other brands) measure at the true waist, or if their waist measurements are more towards the bellybutton/hip.
Basically, I am curious as to how certain brands measure, and wonder if anyone has a direct answer for me.

(Hopefully, I haven't jumped the gun on posting and made a fool of myself.)

Edit: Thank you to everyone who answered! I appreciate your help and kindness.

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