drflumflum (drflumflum) wrote in egl,

Wa-Lolita Worries

Having problems with a Wa-Lolita Obi from Fan+Friend and seeking stiffness advise.

Recently I bought a full Wa-Lolita Outfit from Fan+Friend.  I received it and all is well for the most part.  The skirt does not accommodate a large petticoat and is a little too short.  I also have narrower shoulders than the dress would imply, but the fabric is thick and the dress is well made.

That said, I am having an issue with the obi keeping its shape.  I believe there is not enough interfacing on the obi, and I am afraid to open it up and try to insert any.  I am not looking for advise on how to do so.  I'm not quite sure how it is put together and cannot wear the dress without the obi, so I am unwilling to take it apart.

It is quite the problem though because the obi sags beneath my bust.  I have considered wrapping or inserting cardstock between the obi and the dress and I was just wondering if any of you have tips on how to keep your clothing looking fresh, pressed, and stiff all day.

I am also looking for a very small somewhat short petticoat to buy.  I am hoping it might be cheap as well, because I will probably only wear it with this dress.

My dress is in a bright red and teal color scheme.  If anyone has suggestions for new obis in these colors or white, I would be happy to buy a new one.

Please be aware that the bow on the back hangs off a strap tied around the obi.  The bow is quite heavy.

This is the link to fanplusfriend, and the dress:

I am thankful for any advise you can give.
Updates will come as I try new methods.

I have received all the help necessary. Thank you all.

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