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Transformations are for magical girls. And me. Apparently.

In the beginning, there was a t-shirt & jeans clad 20-something...

Who eventually put on some make-up...

...and a snazzy wig!

Followed by a hand-made one-piece dress.

Eventually, accessories (such as a handbag, feathered hat, and tights) were added to the ensemble. 

Poorly photographed amazing boots were the finishing touch!

[edit!]  Because so many people asked, my boots are made by Funtasma.  The model ID is "splendor 130", I believe...
They cost about $50-$60 and are not terribly comfortable, due to the 4.5" heel. ^_^;

With an antique parasol to protect her from what little sun Michigan offers, this lolita is now ready to face the day! :)

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