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transformation post

Hi lolitas, I had a small meetup today, so I wanted to avail myself of the opportunity of joining this month's theme.

This is me in my at-home clothes:

A before-and-after-makeup-shot (my camera isn't really capable of making good portrait shots, it always contorts my face a little from this little distance, I hope it doesn't look too horrendous >.<" )

On the left side me without makeup and curly hair/bangs from washing.
Right side with makeup and brushed hair / straigthened bangs. Sometimes I just comb my hair with my fingers to save the curls and only straighten my bangs, but today they were pretty frizzy and I wanted to wear a hat anyway.
I'm still kind of a noob in applying makeup, but I'm practicing. Every advice is much appreciated though :)

What I used:
- a little makeup (which I found is too dark for my skin tone, though I bought the lightest I could find, so I washed most of it off again :(( )
- matte powder
- some rouge
- for the eyes: liquid eyeliner (which I'm not really good at applying yet -.-), brown eyeshadow to match my brown/white coordinate and white eyeliner on the inner corner of my eyes and the lower eyelid to make my eyes appear bigger when wearing glasses (at least I read that it should do that)
- for the lips: soft pink lipgloss, nothing too fancy.

And this is what I look like afterwards:

Coordinate rundown:
hat: Yolanda
blouse: Innocent World
JSK: Innocent World
Cardigan: Bodyline
bag: taobao shop
socks: Angelic Pretty
shoes: secretshop

Thanks for your time ^-^ Hope you enjoyed a bit.
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