Aliceindementia (aliceindementia) wrote in egl,


Okay so I had this totally ridiculous dream where I had a loli monopoly game and now I kinda wanna make one. lol I thought I'd see what you girls and boys thought of Loli-opoly! What would you do?

So the game pieces. Monopoly apearntly has 12 game pieces so what should ours be?

RHS? you always need a shoe XD
Tea cup?
A head bow
A stage coach maybe!
A castle?

In my dream jail was Reserve SHOPPING~. Go to the reserve page, go directly to the reserve page! Do not pass go, Do not collect your paycheck. and now figure out how to buy it!

What do you think free parking should be?
Should we still have a place called GO? Kinda has a different meaning here right?

What should the spaces be? Brands? Styles? Specific dresses? What would be baltic? what would be... Boardwalk :D

We'd also need to come up with something for railroads, utilities, Chance and community chest.

I thought this would be a fun post to come up with ideas XD
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