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An* Tai* Na Tea parties size concerns (any one a 23.5 foot size like me?)

Okay, today I had received my email from one of the ladies from Taobao Spree. I'm getting Tea Parties from An*Tai*Na and I'm very excited but I also am fretting about the sizing. See, my shoe size is a 23.5 for the length, and 8.5 for the width. I have a very slender foot so I'm fretting about getting the wrong size. :c I don't want them to be too small, but I don't want them to be big either! I asked the girl what size she thinks I should get and she said 37 which is equal to the 23.5cm which is my foot. I had some say get that, since shoe stores in the US measure your foot that way and tell you to get that size. While I have others telling me to get an inch bigger making it 24.5. What should I do? I really don't want to get the wrong size because I'm not sure if I can return them or not.

Does anyone have a similar foot size and can give me info about An*Tai*Na's sizes?

Thank you sooo much!


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