kurodatenshi (kurodatenshi) wrote in egl,

ATTN: Seeking Cari from the Portuguese Lolita Community

I'm looking for Cari from the Portuguese Lolita Community who participated in Nymia's Group Order. I'm the Taobao agent whom Nymia engaged to do the group order.

Your Parasol and AP Replica School bag are ready for shipping since about a month ago. I've invoiced your GO leader for the shipping fees, but your GO leader has not responded to any of my emails since, nor has she paid the invoice. If you want your items, please contact me at   with the links to the items you purchased (so I can verify your identity) to discuss payment and shipping.

If anyone else knows Cari or is a member of any Portuguese Lolita community online, please forward this post. Thank you!

P.S. : I apologize if this isn't the best place to post such a thing. I considered egl_comm_sales but I'm not sure if she visits there. I don't know what are the Portuguese Lolita communities and I don't really want to sign up anyway just to make this post ^^;
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