drflumflum (drflumflum) wrote in egl,

Brand Brawl

This has actually been bothering me for some time.  I'm certain everyone here is familiar with the Milky-chan Fawn Angelic Pretty Patterns which feature a little pink deer.  Personally I find this deer disturbingly similar to Deery Lou of Sanrio.  I know it is common for Sanrio and Lolita brands to do collabs, and I was just looking for information from a lolita in the know.

I think there are distinct differences between the two, and perhaps a small pink deer isn't that uncommon.  That said, they have similar leg, head, and ear shapes and they both have 5 spots.  This could be from Japan's go-en good luck tradition and other number 5 superstition. They have differences certainly.  Deery Lou has a nose, milky has eyelashes and lines differentiating her hooves, and their eye shape is different.  Regardless I think to the casual observer my Deery Lou shirt would match Milky-wear.


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