artemis051 (artemis051) wrote in egl,

Issue when ordering from AP site in Japan ( international web site)... =e.e=.

So i have been trying to order a dress set from AP on April 1st. ( on the international site, not the Japanese site just to make this clear)
After i made the order and paid, I was refunded the next day...
Only to find out the socks I ordered was out of stock, so AP refunded me my entire money back.
Okie thats fine...Im cool with that.. XD

So yesterday I noticed the socks were back in i order again, and yet they still yesterday they refunded me the money back,
Reason " You are not able to order correctly. Because the refund, please order again."
And I have no idea what they mean.....My address and info is all correct so im very confused..

Now when i went back to the site to correct whatever problem was going on, AP's site would not let me view my cart, or eddit any info untill i made a payment to DankeDankeCom Ltd  ( ¥3,550...which is roughly $40) without knowing what all else to do, I made payment and then AP sends me a email notification telling me my order was complete. :/
this is confusing since the order both times were refunded back to me and the payment to DD was just $40........

im now getting a bit flustered because due to AP's refunds, paypal is not Holding all the money they have refunded me, making my bank stuff go insane right now which is not fun at all...
Pretty much all the money that was withdrawn from my bank ( as a instant transfer so their should of been no wait for AP to get my payment) is in limbo on Paypal ( it shows on my account it was taken out) and is now on hold with pay pal. which is not all too funny to me because i want my money back >:c and im to afraid to reorder again because i cant afford paypal to hold MORE money in case AP decides to refund me again..........

Aside from retarded paypal problems,
This is my one in many attempts to order from the AP site and its always such a HUGE fail .. every time......( usually everything is always sold out  when i make my order, and thus my order is always canceled)

I'd love to have the items I wasnt to order before they sell out all over again and I miss my chance....

do you guys have this problem?  And ugh what should I do with this mess!? =@.@= !!!

So lovely! They replied to my message from yesterday regarding the issue.
Reply from AP:
"I am truly sorry.
You were perfectly ordered.
I had mistaken for a refund.
Sorry, please order again.
We apologize for causing you a trouble.
Thank you."
So thats nice to know I didnt do anything wrong and they replied to this super fast. So ...lets see what happens :/
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