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Review: Mukuro Lucky Packs!

I recently ordered two lucky packs from Mukuro and decided to share the contents here. From what drahtpuppe told me, Mukuro as an indies label might be closing out as the designer is starting a new brand (which doesn't seem like it is lolita inspired at all).

I got my lucky packs today and I just want to say that I love them! I wish I could have gotten more (and I am still tempted to buy the remaining one on the site).

The box it came in- I'm not sure if the note was written by chibi tenshi or by the Mukuro staff @.@! The box was pretty small but packed full of stuff.

The contents

I ordered two packs but the packs were not wrapped individually- everything was just in one box.

I ended up getting 6 cutsew shirts. The fabric on these are really nice and soft. The fit a normal women's S size. I didn't get any of the same shirt but I did get duplicates of some prints. The shirt with the girls head to the side is actually pretty scandalous as it is pretty much a naked girl in a lolita bolero and socks.
only the farthest left top and bottom row for sale

I got 3 high collar blouses.
2 of them were the same - cotton button ups and the one on the far right is a beautiful full sleeved chiffon blouse.
only the left two for sale

I also got a cotton shirt dress that is shaped in a very interesting manner! That is actually how the dress and sleeves are cut (they are not folded that way).

I also got the lovely dress from the main page of the website!
*Unfortunately I am a little too busty to pull this off =_=!*

I also ended up getting to blazers- which I am in love with!

First blazer is an open back blazer made from a soft thick cotton knit material.

Second blazer was one that I had my eye on for quite sometime. I am so excited to have gotten this!! It is a circle cut out blazer. SO whatever I am wearing underneath you can see from the outside!



And last of all I also received two skirt type things.

One of the skirts was actually a skort. A cute suspender strap style skort (looks like a skirt on the outside but there is actually a partition for your legs inside).

Second I got a beautiful chiffon skirt!

Also included was a fold out for Dramatic Mode which is I am assuming Mukuro designer's new line.

Overall I am very happy to have ordered these lucky packs as I love Mukuro's darker type of style.

I was able to order these packs online through chibi_tenshi 's shopping service. I definitely recommend her services! She is very professional and kept me up to date every step of the way!

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