scenicoverthere (scenicoverthere) wrote in egl,

Bodyline ordering issues

 I'm hosting a local bodyline order but everytime I try to place it I get an error message instead of being taken to the paypal page. Is there something wrong with the site right now? Could it be that my order is too large for the site to process? I've ordered through bodyline before just never such a large order 26 items and 5400g.

I've tried contacting bodyline via email but they don't seem to understand my question and just confirmed that all the items were in stock instead of answering. I'd hate to cancel this order after I put so much time into organizing it but I'm really confused about what's going on and I'm having a hard time navigating the site.

My issue was resolved... kind of. I gave up and made it two orders so I could be done with it. I appreciate the comments. They were helpful for future reference but I don't know if I will ever order from bodyline again...
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