kasumicrimson (kasumicrimson) wrote in egl,

Wanna Play a Word Game?

Here is how the word game works:

Step One - Pick a name (It can be your user name, your favorite brand, style, or what ever you want as long as it is related to Lolita or the Holiday)
Step Two - Using every letter of the word you picked, make up a story, saying, or poem. (Keep in mind, it has to relate to Lolita)
Step Three - Post and share it with everyone! 

- DO NOT be rude or hurtful to other people! Play nice. 
- Keep it Lolita related
- You are not allowed to reuse the same word twice in the same post (be creative! ^.^)
- **Mods (or anyone else), if you feel that there should be a rule please let me know and I will add it**
Simple eh? Now give it a try and lets see what we can come up with!  If you can't come up with anything here is a link that could help, or look at the hand books for inspiration! 
Shhh.... Do you Hear that? Oh I thought I'd never see one! Its a Ruffle-butt in ts own habitat! Do you see the Rabbit print on the skirt? You can tell what kind of ruffle-butt It is by style of the outfit. Look at its beautiful Nails, hair, and makeup; it looks like a doll! This is the Greatest moment of my life! 

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