lunette_noire (lunette_noire) wrote in egl,

Magical Garage Find

My father was digging through the garage, getting ready to take every bit of junk to the landfill, and I went out to update him on the baseball game (my family is made up of big-time Giants fans). He yelled at me to come down to the garage to make sure I didn't throw out anything that we still wanted. So, I sorted through the junk.

And then I found these lovely porcelain ladies.

Apparently, his mother had given them to me when I was young. I don't remember them at all. I suppose my parents hid them and stashed them in the garage until my tomboy phase wore out? But was my grandmother psychic and predicted my affinity for Lolita?! Did she know that I would fall in love with them?!

I think I'll name them, from right to left, Sophia, Annette, and Claire. They are beautiful - the only real damage to them is that Sophia's hair is a tangled mess in the back and Annette's hat and back are covered in debris and cobwebs. But her curls are still tight and intact, after 15+ years. And Claire's face is dusty. That's really the extent of the damage. I just thought I'd share my magical find with you all (^.^)
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