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Large Sized Secret Shop Shoes Survey

Hi All,

This is probably my very first post on egl comm...

We will start with large sized Secret Shop Tea Party Shoes Model 9807. As we all know, this model comes in 4 sizes - S(22.5cm), M(23.5cm), L(24.5cm) and LL(25cm). And it runs 0.2cm big to the size. The interior length of size S is actually 22.7cm, M is 23.7cm, ect. For now, I'd like to think the large sized shoe moulds will run 0.2cm big as well, but I can't say for sure right now.

Large Sizes: 25.5cm, 26cm, 26.5cm, 27cm, 27.5cm, 28cm, 28.5cm
(will only keep 3-4 sizes)

Colours: Black / White / Lavender / Light Pink / Dark Pink / Mint / Light Blue / Brown / Red / Yellow
(will keep 3-4 colours)

Please take a minute to fill out a very simple form. Copy and paste it to the Contact Form and send the info from there. Or you can leave the info in this thread with your email address. I will screen your post. This is not a sales post but a survey!

Full name:
Livejournal name:
Email address:
Your foot length: (Please measure your foot carefully from heel to the longest toe in a straight line. See here.)
Your foot width: (Widest part across the ball)
Is your foot chunky: (Yes/No)

Secret Shop shoe size: (Please choose your size from the large sizes mentioned above)
(Please choose 5 colours and put it down in order from favourite to least favourite)

Thank you for reading. :)
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