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March's contest - Hair Accessories!

It's time to get crafty this month, with our new contest~

Contest theme:
The theme of this contest is to make your own hair accessory and submit it to us~! It can be any kind of hair accessory; Veils, bonnets, candy pins, plastic headbands, bows, roses, headdresses, something more crazy...anything! We'd also like you to show us the process of you making the accessory. Whether that's taking photos of your materials beforehand, or taking some during the entire process, it's up to you. Please don't feel put off if you aren't an 'experienced' crafter or seamstress; as well as item quality, we'll be judging on creativity, so just try your best!

The winner will determined by the EGL Judges. Judges will be looking at your photo as a whole - Keep in mind that the background of your photo is just as important as making sure you are following the rules of fashion. Submissions should not contain excessive blur or darkness, and should show the item/s clearly. You can submit as many images as you'd like, but you should have at least one clear shot of the final piece/s. Remember, you need to show us a photo of how you made the accessory, a collage for this is fine or a single shot of your matierals used.

All members, both veterans and newbies alike, are welcome to enter both contests. Only the first submission for each contest will be accepted, additional entries beyond the first will not be considered. Judges can enter but are not eligible to win contests.

For this months winner, we have a lovely prize donated by lemontree11 , whose etsy can be viewed here. ^_~

Contest Deadline & how to submit:
All entries must be recieved by March 31st, 2011. There is a post for submitting your entries which is located here, in which comments are automatically screened. Please leave a comment with the following:
- Your picture/s (please keep the image a good size, around 400 pixels wide. A link to it is fine.)
- Any additional comments you'd like to make, such as explaining your piece.

Thanks very much everyone, we're looking forward to seeing your entries! If you have any questions, ask away.

Your judges,
laiferr   , hanabishirecca   , zitronecs  , itachifangirl26  & lavenderspikes 
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