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Lolita Desu Review + Bonus Late Wardrobe Post

I recently ordered from Lolita Desu, an online lolita store run by skaya_chan out of Denmark.  I saw her advertising her store somewhere on EGL, and joined the Facebook group.  It's great to be a part of the FB group, because there are constantly contests and promotions going on, which makes things fun and affordable!  Anyways, with increasing exposure, I thought some people might be interested in a review!

When I saw a straw BTSSB bag on the Lolita Desu website, I fell in love with it right away.  The price was very reasonable ($40), so I decided to buy it.  Ordering was very easy, I simply filled out the form.  Shipping came to a total of $17, and I had the option to add tracking for an additional $18, but as that more than doubled the shipping cost, I decided to go without it.  I also had the option to have my package marked down in price, and marked as a gift, so I had it marked as a gift worth $15.

I ordered on Friday, January 28th.  I received a confirmation email immediately, confirming my address and the cost.  My package was sent on Saturday, January 29th!  I was very impressed!  I was notified by email that it had been shipped, and that I had been sent a free deco cane as a gift, which was an incredibly sweet gesture, one that I didn't know would happen.  (Although looking at the website again, it says so on the front page...I have amazing observation skills. :P )

On Thursday, February 3rd, my package arrived!  Let me just tell you that I was blown away with the speed!  In less than a week my package was ordered, shipped, and in my hands! :D I even picked the lowest end shipping.

Here was the package I received: (address hidden)

I apologize for the poor quality photos.  These were taken with an iPhone before I had a proper camera.

Although it's blurry, I hope maybe you can see from this picture that my requests were granted.  The package was marked down and as a gift:

Pictures of the inside!


This bow is removable:

Drawstring closure:

Inside pockets, BTSSB tag:

Minor discoloration and pilling:

Close-up of pilling:

Bonus gift!  Deco cane:

So, here is a rundown of my experience:

Ease of ordering: 5/5 - Order form was easy to fill out.  The only trick was pressing the button to submit my order...the button was invisible!  But all you have to do is hover your mouse where the button would logically be, and click, and everything was fine.  I think this problem might be fixed now though.
Communication: 5/5 - Lots of update emails.  I also asked a question on the Facebook group and was answered in less than 12 hours!  The store's owner is always very polite, helpful, and sweet.
Price: 5/5 - $40+$17 shipping = $57 total.  Quite reasonable I think for a brand bag and such fast shipping!
Shipping: 5/5 - Received my package in less than a week after ordering - can't beat that! :D
Packaging: 4.5/5 - Packaged in a bubble wrap-padded envelope.  Deducted a half point because I would have liked to have had the items wrapped in some sort of plastic bag or something waterproof inside just for additional protection.
Accuracy of Item: 5/5 - The item was described as used, but not much more description was given than that.  The item is in good used condition (my pictures make the discoloration and pilling look worse than they are) and I know that if I had wanted more detail on the condition, I could have asked on the Facebook group and would have been answered very quickly.
Total Experience: 5/5 - I would definitely shop at Lolita Desu again, and recommend it to others!

I hope someone found this helpful!  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask me, or if you think there is something I should do to make this review more helpful/thorough, please let me know!

Also, I know I'm cheating, but I missed out on January's theme as I didn't want to take pictures of my wardrobe with an iPhone.  So I'm posting my wardrobe now!  It's very picture-heavy, and since I know people are probably tired of this theme by now, here's a link to that post on my journal:

Late Wardrobe Post!

Thanks! <3
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