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New stuff and Sakuracon 2011

Clothes are finally up with MUCH more to come!!!

Hey everyone! \(owo)/
Hello Dear will be at Sakuracon 2011!!! The first 10 people to buy $150 or more will receive a free gift (Meta totes, Baby the stars shine bright socks, Swimmer bag, etc.)

Our website: www.Hellodearclothing.com
* There will be new inventory on our site next week as well! *

I'll be selling second hand dresses like Closet Child, Fairy Angel and Alice Fururun, but you won't have to pay an arm and a leg for shipping and exchange rate fees. YAY! :D

Inventory at a glance:
- Swimmer
- Baby the Stars Shine Bright clothes
- Angelic Pretty clothes
- Innocent World clothes (In Progress)
- Black Peace Now
- H. Naoto
- Algonquins
- Non-brand but loli-able accessories
- Rilakkuma goodies
- Pikachu ponchos
- Imai Kira Calendars and iPhone case
- Heart Heels (Sorry only size M are available (x___x))
- Other adorable earphones
- Handmade jewelry trees
- Hello Dear original goods
- Featuring artists!

Please note that:
- We are just starting, so we have very limited quantities of everything.
- It is first come first serve, and we will not reserve or hold anything.
- Anything that does not sell at Sakuracon, will be sold on our website. We will announce on egl when all of the merchandise is ready to be sold.

<3 We'll be waiting for you <3
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