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Classic wardrobe post.

Taking a page out of the lovely go_slowly's book I have decided to post my wardrobe and organize it by season. I have been a fan of lolita for around ten years, but everything in my closet dates from around the past five or six years. The items I bought when I was a baby lolita don't suit my tastes at all (I bought items from Baby, Meta, BPN, h.Naoto, really everywhere), and I sold them many years ago, with the exception of a few memento pieces that I don't wear anymore.

I don't have a ton of stuff, because I have been an often unemployed student for the past million years, but what I do have I adore. I am only posting clothes because I just wear normal tights and shoes with my lolita outfits. My absolute favorite brand is Victorian Maiden, but I also love Juliette et Justine, Mary Magdalene, Innocent World, Melche Shutilforc, Excentrique and Jane Marple.

My goal for 2011 is to find more loliable shoes, and buy more blouses and boleros. I also want to get into Jane Marple and Excentrique. I really like otome style in addition to classical lolita, but I have found out the hard way that I am just too tall for a lot of MILK and ETC items (they tend to be very high waisted), so they look really awkward on me.


Emily Temple Cute Cardigan

Victorian Maiden Cream Blouse

Beth Cherry Print Top

Mary Magdalene Pink Cutsew

Mary Magdalene Pink Bolero

Victorian Maiden Pink Bolero

Moi meme Moitie Chiffon Skirt

Victorian Maiden Floral Skirt

Emily Temple Cute Pink Skirt

Emily Temple Cute Polkadot Skirt

Beth Cherry Skirt

Melche Shutilforc Chiffon OP

Emily Temple Cute Check OP

Juliette et Justine Floral JSK

Victorian Maiden Halter JSK

Mary Magdalene Sun JSK

Victorian Maiden Aqua Mist Floral OP

Victorian Maiden Pink Bustle OP


Victorian Maiden Bordeaux Blouse

Moi meme Moitie Cutsew

Beth Black Bolero

Moi meme Moitie Velvet Corset Skirt

Victorian Maiden Mermaid Skirt

Victorian Maiden Velvet/Chiffon OP

Victorian Maiden Regimental Stripe Shirt OP

Milk Squirrel OP (I super wanted this dress, but it is really too short in the torso and sleeves :/)

Mary Magdalene Wool Tweed OP

Beth Black JSK

Victorian Maiden Noble Queen Dress

Beth Coat

Mary Magdalene Coat

Various Accessories:

Victorian Maiden Gloves

Victorian Maiden Hat

Victorian Maiden Small Corsages

Victorian Maiden Pink Corsage (it looks kind of smooshed here, so I unsmooshed it.)

Victorian Maiden Black Corsage

Victorian Maiden Cream Corsage

Victorian Maiden Cream Corsage

Innocent World Black Headband

Innocent World Cream Headband

Innocent World White Headband

Beth Cherry Headband

Mary Magdalene Headband

Milly Beret

Emily Temple Cute Bag

Juicy Bow Bag

Goldenbleu Clutch

One of my old memento pieces, a Baby OP:

A couple items I have purchased but are not with me yet:

Juliette et Justine Prairie et Fleur JSK

Victorian Maiden Rose Bouquet Stripe JSK
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