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Closet Time!

I used to have a medium sized closet back in July 2009, the last time I did this meme. But then I moved to Japan, where bargain lolita flows down on sparkle rainbows, and then I got a subscription to Yahoo!Auctions Japan, and then I started working for Innocent World... yeah so I've accumulated a lot of stuff. I would call my closet kind of "bloated" right now since I don't wear lolita enough to justify all these clothes.

I've been into lolita since 2006, so I'm coming up on 5 years XD I would now consider my style to be "eclectic classic". I love brown and green together and blue and green in general plus bordeaux and cream, and long dresses tend to fit me better.

I decided to arrange my clothing into season rather than by brand or color since it's kind of fun and my fall/winter and spring/summer taste is pretty different! I love plaids for fall and florals for spring. No closet pics though because my house is a complete mess. I also omitted some sweet stuff that I no longer wear and is in the "to sell" region.

If you know the name of anything here that I don't, please let me know!!

Fall/Winter skirts~

Both IW (Juno Skirt & Forest Animals Gorge Themselves on Jam and Pie Skirt)

Heart E (Red Riding Hood?) and AatP's Vampire Requiem

Juliette et Justine (name unknown), Atelier Pierrot's (Romeo and?) Juliet Skirt - wow the double juliets were not intentional XD)

On to the dresses!

IW Emblem Print. I keep telling myself I don't need both of these, but they're kind of different styles.

IW - Rasiel OP (just bought!) and JetJ (name unknown but the dress featured in this classic pic - if you ever see/have the matching bolero, let me know!)

IW - Romantic Rose JSK, Victorian Maiden (some kind of tartan check - open in the back)

Indie brand Parerga and IW - Violin JSK

VM (name unknown), IW Tweed JSK

Both VM - British Check OP and Gobelin Coat. As you can see in my preview pic, the coat can kind of sit up by itself D:

Now to spring/summer!

Millefleurs (forgot the name), Mary Magdalene - Old Rose Dress

Colors are kind of wonky here but both IW - Christina(?) JSK and Rose Chiffon JSK

Both IW - (forgot - it's a girl's name...), Antique Pansy OP

IW Balloon Shorts (never worn since they're a tad too small) and JetJ freaky animals skirt/top set. Lots of people don't like this, but I think it's awesome =D

Mary Magdalene yukata <3 I got it at the end of last summer so I haven't had a chance to wear it yet. Obi is my own. I got it off an auction so if anyone knows more about it like the year it came out, its official name, etc. please let me know!

Kinda sorta lolita~

Jane Marple - Tea Party Lace Dress, both ETC (both name unknown)


Top right is offbrand (Target), top middle is Meta (my first blouse!), and the rest is IW. I also wear a lot of offbrand blouses but didn't want to find them all and this post is already long enough XD


Bottom center and right - offbrand, the rest is IW.

Bags and Accessories

Mostly offbrand (a lot not pictured too), bags and brown hat all IW.


I didn't want to disturb them... more are in the wash.


I'm a freak for tights. This is a selection of my faves - I use a lot of them for work too.

Gloves and hair things~

Brand and offbrand are in there. I love hair corsages <3

Jewelery (colors got blown out =(  )

Old or antique jewelery. My mom is a collector so I steal things from her.

New jewelery made to look old! Far right is IW, second to right is Jane Marple (looks like an ice cube!) and the rest is offbrand. I have a lot more jewelery but this is my most "lolita" stuff. I also have a Spade Necklace from IW that broke and I have to fix ;_;

Handmade stuff. I'm getting into necklace making since it's so much cheaper and I can make exactly what I want! I used a combo of new and old parts. I originally made the one on the left for Christmas and made the pendant there next to it but I exchanged it for the violin (Christmas decoration) to go with my Violin JSK.

My only Moitie item - a handkerchief =D I use it like dainty Japanese girls - in my lap to catch any crumbs.


I have a bit of a thing for shoes, but since I can wear them with everyday things I buy too much! This is a selection of my "loliest" shoes. The only brand ones are on the top right (VM) and bottom left (IW).

Thanks for looking! And I'm going to be bold here and specially request some closets from some other LJers =x
marthaness  (formerly known as pony_parade)
+ anyone else XD I love closets!!

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