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Theme post: My Gothic Lolita Wardrobe

I remember this theme last time, I took photos then but never posted them so this time I will ^^

I would say its changed quite a bit since last time, I have more now but my items are still mostly gothic. I wish I could wear lolita more often but I work full time so I only wear it about once or twice a week.
I took these photos without realising I had left everything on thier coat hangers, sorry it looks a bit messy.


ETC flower cart & cat applique (the cat one is one of my favourite dresses), Victorian Maiden crown emblem jsk & Btssb Alice's portrait jsk.

Btssb Chiffon OP,  Alice & the Pirates  relief printOP & Rose Melody jsk.

All AatP from left to right: Chandelier flocky, Pirate Alice & Midsummer nights dream.

Aatp Horoscope babydoll jsk, AatP Chain Bouquet long jsk, AatP Castle of Nightmare jsk.


IW Rocaille Trump,  ETC royal cats? & IW Forest Harvest skirt

AatP lace print corset skirt, AatP Vampire Requiem corset skirt and Btssb Chandelier flocky skirt.


customised offbrand, Bodyline & the last two are Baby.

Cutsews & blouses

A mix of brand and offbrand, I most often wear a couple of offbrand tops I have over anything else. I would like some more blouses though.

Bolero & cardigan

ETC, IW & Bodyline. I'd like another brand knitted bolero, offbrand ones seem very hard to find although the bodyline ones are OK they are made out of slightly odd fabric. Most offbrand cardigans are just the wrong length to wear with lolita as well.
Socks, shoes & bags

Baby & AatP, 2 pairs of offbrand, 2 pairs Moitie, IW, Meta, and ETC, I have all these socks but I most often wear tights with lolita.

This shows most of the footwear I own, I have a couple of other pairs of boots and a few summer sandals.

Bags and parasols. Spade and book bag are IW, the larger crown bag is Meta and everything else is offbrand & Bodyline.


I don't have many hair accessories because I usually go for something simple like a flower corsage.
the furry things are boot toppers from IW ^_^

Furry scarves and capelets.

A small selection of my jewelry

What would I change about my wardrobe?
I think my wardrobe is a bit too dominated by black and I would like more classic pieces especially IW and JetJ and some new blouses.

I hope you enjoyed looking at my collection ^__^
Tags: community: wardrobe post, theme: january
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