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A couple questions for you all~

Good evening, fellow lolitas~ <33

I have a couple questions.

My first one is about The Gothic and Lolita Bible. A year or two back I was reading an issue of G&LB and it had this supercute quote. It started off something like this: "So you want to be a lolita? Well first you'll. . ." and it continued on to name many things. Does anyone want to scan that particular page or type it out for me? Thank you bundles~~ ;u;

Second question:

Me feet are veryvery slender. My Mary Janes are a 6 and a half, and they fit just fine other then my heel slips out of it. ;o; I usually wear two or sometimes 3 socks to prevent the problem, but now my mom bought this insoles which should help somewhat. We got my foot professionally measured today and the man said my foot was a 6. My sneakers however, I get in 7's, and my Mary Janes are 6 and a half, as I previously stated. Now I know all shoes are made different and come in different sizes, however I'm still worried about making online purchases dealing with shoes. I've seen some really cute Lolita shoes on Bodyline, and another site (I forget the name at the moment XD;;) and I know they range their shoes in two sizes. Such as 6 - 6 1/2, 6 1/2 - 7, etc. Do you all have any advice for a girlie with a slender foot? Are returning purchases for a different size not usually allowed? In terms of the Bodyline shoes, let's say you're a 6 like ?I supposedly am. Would you buy the 6 to 6 and a half, or 6 and a half to 7 size.

And my last question is this:

Does anyone have this cutie plushiebag? ;u;

I recently fell in love with it and I'm thinking about buying it. What size is it? Does it fit comfortably on your back? Is it big enough to fit a cell-phone and maybe a wallet into it?

Thank you all so much~~! ~blows you all kisses~ I appreciate it! <33

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