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Bodyline Contests Smontests?

Well, it's been a long time since I posted, so I hope it's okay to post this.

I'm personally sick of these Bodyline Contests, so I want a second opinion here.
They say that this time they will ACTUALLY SEND YOU A PRODUCT!!!

Did they  do this before(as in a few months ago)?
if so, please fill me in if you won, and they didn't ask you to buy the product and expect a refund.

Here's my story(if you're interested):
I did a contest and won a while ago, they made an imitation coat of it and asked me to buy it and they'd refund the money. I didn't want to take that risk and have no money anyway(it cost $102, now it's $62). I hardly knew at first it was my design as they didn't link or give credit to any of the winners in the item description. I asked my mom and she thought it was shady too.

Has anyone really had a good experience with the Bodyline Contests(including the modeling ones)?


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