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Baby JSK review

This is a review of this JSK:

I'm fairly new to lolita so I'm hardly an expert, but since there didn't seem to be any reviews for this item and it's a good option for those slightly bigger or big busted lolitas, I figured I'd do a review.


I got the green and red tartan - mainly because I get fed up of always seeing red based tartans and also because it'sperfect for christmas.  The tartan is really nice and well spaced out. Some tartan you see is quite small and tightly spaced, which results in the background colour being stronger than all the other colours that are threaded through it.  Instead here, there is a nice balance between the red and green, with the white and yellow making a nice highlight.

(This was taken with flash so the brightness is a little heightened.)


Super stretchy.  I have no problem getting the dress either over my hips or over my shoulders (I am UK size 12-14).  The straps are also shirred and thus nice stretchy too.

The only downside to the fully shirred top is that it is not exactly my most flattering of outfits (my high waisted corseted skirts are :p), but it doesn't make me look giant either.

Waist Ties:

are detachable and made from the same soft material as the dress (I dunno what it is as I know pretty much zilch about textiles).  The are fixed onto the dress using a heart button. (button is black for the green/red version).


the back uses an underskirt and is also corseted at the top.  Like so (in red and blue here)

(my version)


The dress is lined from the skirt with a silky/satiny material.  The underskirt is sewn in only for where it appears - it does not go fully around the dress.


The dress uses verious lacing and edging, all of which are photographed on the site.  Largely what you see there is what you get.

The bow is detachable though, the dress looks a bit plain without it in my opinion.

Skirt is also fairly light and won't weigh down on the petti too much.

Finally this is what it looks like worn:

Price: Just over 20,000 yen so about average for a brand JSK
Problems: None that my inexpert eyes have noticed.
Satisfaction: 5/5
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