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Another Lief review- Royal Ornament Regimental Stripe


Lief review

Regimental stripe long skirt

what I will be covering:



The entire transaction took one month, not including the period of time it took for them to find 10 people interested in the L size (that took seven days). This seems reasonable since I don’t believe a manufacturer is involved. (If anyone has any information on that let me know)



I had no huge problems communicating with the seller, if I had a question I would just leave a comment and she would reply within a day. The only thing that I had a problem with was notifying me when my parcel would be shipped. If anyone else got an email let me know, I do share an e mail account but neither of us delete emails and I have scoured my inbox/trash/junk.  In my opinion I thought Klanaide was pretty prompt on that aspect though.



Method: Ems,

It appeared to be shipped out on the 25th and arrived on the 30th. Shipping cost $32.00 usd, which is more then I’d like to spend on shipping- but it came in 4 business days so I guess you pay for what you get.
9/10 (I took one point off because I don't like spending a lot on shipping, but it did come super fast)


I am pretty neutral on the quality of this skirt. There are some things that bother me, but other parts I thought were really done well.


The material appears to be a regular polyester blend. It’s a medium weight with a polished finish (from what I can tell). The shiny-ness isn’t nearly as apparent in real life compared to pictures and nowhere near the degree of a satin non the less it’s still irritating. The print is really gorgeous, no mishaps there. Klanaide did say that the print was a little greener in real life, there are no navy tones in the print. It is all green baby. I have yet to see if it runs in a vinegar wash.  There is 100” (2.5 meters) of fabric for the shell, so it’s pretty full. Concerning the weight of the fabric, I found that it was the same as any AP cotton print, maybe even ~slightly~ thicker, it is lined.

Lining: Standard synthetic lining compared to Metas twinkle journey lining they look and feel the same. I was upset about how they didn’t serge the seam on the lining.

Waist band:
Top stitching is uneven. If I handed something like that in to my teacher I would have to redo the crap out of it. Not impressed there. It isn’t that noticeable though. The fusing they used is very stiff, and I see it surviving many washings! I hate it when waistbands sag, so lose/win.
I have no problem with my button, it is tacked on properly and fits through the hole, the button hole is fraying slightly. kind of a common error though
The invisible zipper:
 perfect, very even, no tugging, pretty sturdy (not going to break on the first struggle) and no puckers.
shirring portion:
 has two tucks, nothing noticeable, it allows at least 2”-3” of stretch.
even and crisp +1



I found the skirt pretty comfortable, breathes pretty nicely for a poly. Waistband is really sturdy. It’s definitely not a winter skirt by it’s self though. Definitely wear tights or something.
It comes to a couple inches below me knee (I am 5'7"), and I found that the draping isn't very soft which is good, so you DON'T need to get a custom long length petticoat to give you poof your regular one will do fine.



skirt: $129.00

Shipping: $32.00

total price: $161.00 usd

For what I paid I was expecting a little more in terms of quality, small runs of prints can be pretty costly though and the only reason you’d buy the skirt is for the print. So it’s your choice of priority I suppose.



The only thing I wasn’t impressed with was the shiny-ness, but I wasn’t crying over it. It’s starting to grow on me though. Over all I really like the skirt and I’m excited to wear it out. I’ll probably buy from lief again, but hopefully they’ll step up their quality control.
If we tally up the ratings it is 51/60= 85%


package it came in, and contents inside.

I found two of these guys

Unfinished seam

button that fits and has not fallen off, with slightly frayed button hole
uneven top stitching

weird back stitching/top stitching

On a dress form (please don't mind the cat -_-;) I dont have a petticoat on hand right now, but if you'd like to see pictures id be more than happy to do that when I'm not minding the store

If I missed anything let me know, this is my first review and I'm a little scatter brained.
kind of lengthy,


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