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Anime-Zap! @ Peoria, IL

Although there is a Midwest/Illinois community, it's not quite as active, and I know that not all lolitas are located in Chicago or its burbs. I'd just like to spread the word about a winter anime convention at my home town and see if anyone would be interested in checking it out.

As stated earlier, the convention will run from January 15-16th, 2011.

It'll be held at the Holiday Inn City Centre, 500 Hamilton Boulevard, Peoria, Illinois 61602

Like many conventions, there will be cosplay contests, fan panels (including a lolita fashion panel for beginners which I'm running for the first time!), anime showings, and a rave!

If you register by January 10th, you can get in at the cheapest rate of $7, otherwise it is $15 at the door.

sorry for the wall o text ... as you can tell, I'm quite excited xD

Anime-Zap is run by the same people who run Anime-Spark and QC Anime-Zing! It will be running for its second year although it is going to be held in Peoria for the first time. For anyone who is not familiar with the Central Illinois area, it is mostly made up of medium sized towns - Peoria, Bloomington-Normal, and Springfield being its biggest; unfortunately, we don't have the greatest public transit system and most people drive to get every where anyway n_n; . Because it's fairly new, we don't expect to have a huge following (but hey, we got 150 people show up last year, and it was a last minute replacement event for Pokettokon).

I don't know if it'll ever happen, but it would be just awesome for that in a few years, Anime-Zap will be as big as conventions like Youmacon (I doubt that it'll ever surpass/replace Anime central xD) and even be held at the civic center (that building is too big for its own good >_>). I would highly appreciate it if you spread the word to your friends. If you or anyone else would like to know more about Peoria in terms of transportation and food venues, I suggest checking out this link from the ACen forums:

I am very excited about hosting my first panel, especially about lolita. xonii18 (and hopefully just_radtastic) will be helping me out, but I would love to know if there would be anyone else who would be willing to moderate the panel with me. I should be able to get through the presentation itself, but there are actually other parts I'm worried about: a silent auction and raffle for a cause (American Cancer Society/Relay for Life), and the FAQs/audience Question and Answer.

It's not the best way I'd like to do it, but I plan to put up a Bodyline dress and a Meta blouse up for auction during the panel. Winners will be announced at the end. Because they're clothes, I need someone to be around to measure people who want to win either items. If you have any ideas (for better or for worse) on how to pull off this sort of thing, let me know in the comments!

FAQs shouldn't be too hard and I did come up with a list of common new comer questions. Would you mind sharing yours? I'd also like some tips from others who've recently hosted panels.

If anyone will be attending the con, I'd like to know what you will be wearing, as well as if you would be willing to display some pieces during the panel; I plan to lay out my lolita wardrobe on tables provided by the hotel - I would love to have someone keep an eye on the tables. Although I requested to have no food or drinks present at the panel, I'd hate for anyone's clothes and/or accessories to be somehow ruined , or worse, stolen (I suppose working in retail gets me a little antsy).

I'm hoping that I have enough time to host a quick fashion show, although, most likely I'll be integrating it with the "styles" portion of the presentation.

Sometime during the convention, I'd like to have a lolita meet up - possibly a tea party of some sort. I would check with the hotel first about their food regulations, but I really don't know who plans on arriving (hopefully that cute old lady whom modeled in Aristocrat at ACen's fashion show ^-^). It's a shame that the local tea shop is closed on Sunday, but if anyone is going to arrive early on Saturday or Friday to settle in, I'd love to carpool you frilly folks there or check out the local candy store not far from the hotel.

One more thing! I would like to put up a poster board of "Good Lace/Bad Lace". I love my local Jo Ann's and Hobby Lobby, but they don't have the types of lace I need (or just have an abundant of the same types). Rather than buying myself a few inches of different types of lace, I was wondering if anyone would be willing to donate scraps of lace (send me a PM). I know that there are a LOT of variations, but I just need a few inches of :

(good) raschel
(bad) raschel
Chemical lace
and any cheap, shiny looking lace

Thank you for taking your time reading this :)

I hope to see you there!

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