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Let's Talk About Lolita Blogs (Now with MORE tips!)

Hello everyone.

Lately there have been quite a lot of lolita-themed blogs sprouting up...and fast. I have seen/read some concerns as to whether they are being created for the right reason, and in rare cases by the right people! After thinking about what to say and (especially how is this relevant to lolita), I thought it is time to do a different kind of lolita blog guide. A PUBLIC one. Also, I'm not trying to discourage anyone from starting a blog, but making sure newbies know what to expect when they think about starting a blog.

(EDIT: I've put the entire post back into left alignment by request. Hope it's readable now.)

The Clumsy Beginnings
A blog is a website or a special web page that is part of a bigger website. What is in the blog depends on the individual or company; Some blogs are no more than public diaries, others are a for marketing purposes, and of course those that caters to a specific subject...but you lovely ladies knew all that already. A blog can be as fun or as burdensome as one makes it. Please take into consideration these two major points before you begin:

Point 1: Why?
Do you love to write? Do you need to vent? Did you find something you wish to share, but don't want to do it via EGL? As a lolita, do you want to teach other girls the differences between good lace and bad lace? Share your progress with others on a dress you are making yourself? Talk about a lolita anime character? Inform like a newspaper or entertain like a magazine? A blog is an extension of yourself, so it is highly up to you what kind of blog you want it to be* and where to take it. which brings me to my next point...

*Okay I did say it is up to the individual on the type they want it to be; however, be advised those who wish to take the "Handbook Route" as I like to call it (where to shop, style tips, etc.), it is best that new lolitas who are still learning to leave that to the veterans. They...well...know everything. lol Generally speaking,  outsiders on the interwebs who want to learn more about lolita and/or kodona see this particular kind of blog will take the blogger's word as truth, if they haven't done any prior research. So leave the Handbook blogs to more experienced ladies* 

Point 2: Are you doing this for "Lolita Points"?

 This is a concerned that hasn't really been vocalized here yet, but I thought I'd touch on it. Please understand, blogging is not a requirement! Yes there happens to be a lot of ladies and germs with blogs on both ends of the world, but not having one does not make you any less of a lolita. It seems that now we have more lolita blogs than ever, it feels as though people are "following the trend". You do not NEED to have one just like you do not NEED to have BJDs to be a "lifestyler", but that is for another time. Also, blogging JUST to become "famous" or "well-known" among the lolita subculture should not be a reason either. This isn't vocalized either, I know, but you'd be surprised.


Working on it & the Numbers Game

Are you still going to make a blog? If so, good (I personally love to read)! But starting one is only half the battle, you know. The hard part is maintaining one! You have a name, you've picked out a blogging engine (BLOGSPOT!!! lol But LiveJournal is a blog engine, too), and you've made it all nice and pretty...

Introductory post...maybe two or three after...

...and that's it. The End.
Posting Tips
I've seen this happen before. There seems to be just a many inactive blogs just as there are new ones. Ladies and germs, if you are going to keep people reading you are going to have to put down more than what your intentions for the blog are. At the same time, take your time with it. There are times where you are going to have a writer's block, or you have too many ideas running together, or you had something but forgot, OR you are just too busy. 'Tis natural. This isn't a term paper, no one is forcing you to blog and your readers are not rushing you to post at a certain time. Image dumping is a good way of filing in gaps between posts when you feel like you are stuck. As a bonus, image dumping makes the blog more personal, and readers love visual aid! Seriously, I've done this like three times myself and no one complained! lol

If you are still stuck, Look at the discussions her on EGL and talk about your view on them. Also take look at veteran blogs like F* Yeah Lolita or Miss Lumpy to get an idea of what to write next (key word being idea). You can look, but try not to copy. Be original! :)

KEEP YOUR LANGUAGE AND YOU PICTURES TASTEFUL. This is a basic tip that always needs to be rehashed and applies to when you want to post something non-lolita for a change. A little "color" doesn't hurt anyone, but there is no need to be vulgar. A lot of people try very hard to be "edgy" and it nearly always FAILS. Think about "what if your mom/dad/grandparent saw this"? If you have a picture that is a tad risque, do everyone a favor and add a NSFW to the post title. Do NOT forget!
Lastly, if you have to go on a brief hiatus or have to stop alltogether, let your readers know with a legitimate reason why. Don't leave 'em hangin'.

Oh, I couldn't wait to get to this one! If you are doing this for fun, the number of people should not matter too much. I assume that this is a factor as to why many of the past lolita blogs fell through, but of course I could be wrong. I am going to skip over the obvious how-to on promoting if you all don't mind (start here, duh!) Now don't think that you are going to be loaded with readers and commentators overnight! It just doesn't work like that. You have to keep promoting your blog (I say make a post here first, and then wait until someone asks for another link exchange), comment of other blogs, have a positive feedback among your readers and they will add you on their public blog roll for their readers to see, aaaaaand repeat! While on the subject of commentators, not all of your readers will comment; and if  they do, they certainly will not comment immediately.

If you LOSE readers, it is not the end of the world. You gain some, you lose some...please ladies and germs, this not a valid reason to stop blogging (this goes for those who have a DeviantART gallery as well...I see this happen ALL the time there.)


You have readers, you have commentators. Appreciate them! Have a weekly or monthly poll to make your blog more interactive and fun. If you blog does not have a "comment reply" button, add diqus to your site and reply to as many comments as you can. Ask your readers questions like "how was your day?" or their opinion on an issue. Give them a chance to ask you questions! If you are feeling really generous, have a giveaway! :D


Extra posting tips
-"Centered text is a readability issue. It takes longer to read text in that format. This is partly because most people actually skim when they read and centred text makes this a bit harder"

powderrune- "...I must say that one feature that I love and that I think all bloggers should take advantage of is scheduled posting...I do this because I know there will come a time where I'm too busy to write anything, and it'll keep my blog from suddenly dying. Also, I feel as if the pressure to a finish a specific post within a small time frame is stressful, and can push the writer to pour out less meaningful or less coherent content.'"

aikazi- "Layout and color scheme. There's nothing more annoying than a layout / font / color that you can't read or see properly. You don't want your readers brains exploding all over the place from trying to read overly contrasted pastel-vomit in weddings font covered over in glitter gifs.'"
(I lol'd)

rabbit777- "Another blogging tip though is Facebook and Twitter, my blog views have gone way up since I linked my Twitter and set up my blog's facebook fanpage :)"'

"Another thing that works well aesthetically in a blog when using images is to put the images to the left or right of the post, as opposed to the middle , and to write to the side of the image. Naturally, the image should be related what you're writing!"

comtesse_de_lis- "Every post you write (or story/article/anything, really) should strongly fit into at least one of these categories for a complete stranger reading your blog: informative, entertaining, or interesting...The trick to daily blogs, however, is finding a topic you know a lot about or something that has a lot of fresh editorial meat, enough to provide you with quick-to-create posts."'

kodachi148- "I would really suggest if someone's got a blog, wait a little bit before you slap it up here on EGL. Build up some posts for readers to read and see where you come from and find out whether blogging is for you or not.'" (Actually her whole comment was loaded with tips, but I picked this one. :3)

That w
as long.

I hope this guide help future loli bloggers! I can not tell you what to blog about, but I can give you some tips so you can write happily.

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions (that wasn't supposed to rhyme...) please say so! I'm not an expert, but I want to try to make this as helpful as I can and this will be subject to constant editing.
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