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Fashiony sketchies ^^°

I've always enjoyed drawing and painting, though I'm by far nowhere near as awesome as some other artists. But I'd be so happy if you'd have a look at these sketches that have accumulated over the past few months. ^__^

For Lolita, I tend to draw abstract little constructions that I'm sure go against all the rules. I just don't wanna copy what's been done before. Well.. let's see if you like any of them. I really hope so!

First come the punky coords.

1. 2.
1. is vaguely Lolita because it'd be worn with a petticoat. The style is based on H.Naoto. The accessory is a little timepiece.
2. is based on the kind of stuff you get from RTBU. XD The spider top at the bottom is a weird little idea I had for what to do with a broken silk blouse...

Next come the Steampunk Coords, 3. and 4. With these, I was thinking about Steampunk Lolita / Kodona as in what a character in a Steampunk world would wear everyday, rather than endowing them with epic goggles, guns and clockwork pieces just to show it's Steampunk. I like that style too, but I wanted something a bit more casual, but at the same time I didn't want it to just look Victorian. I hope I succeeded!

3. 4.

The next one is meant to be a Kuro coord for a Visual Kei stage outfit, but of course it's not inked so you'll have to imagine it's black. ;)

This is actually made up of real Moitié items that I'd like to see coordinated like this.

And this baby is my pride and joy, I drew her this evening. My partner called it "Butterfly Requiem", and it's something of a cross between AP's Jewellery Jelly, Meta's Blooming Garden, AatP's Midsummer Night's Dream and Moitie's Chandelier print. It would come in black and offwhite colourways, with the roses and butterflies red, the leaves green and the jewels sparkly, and all of it would be embroidered rather than printed. The pouch, headpiece and socks match the butterfly motif. I hope you can imagine it based on that description... I might colour it later. I'd really love to own this skirt if it existed. <3

Whew... it's kind of weird posting these here. I really hope nobody hates them too much considering how sketchy they are. I'm sorry if you do. v.v

xx loki
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