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Brand Review: Innocent World Getrude JSK

I never really saw a reason to do a review of any brand pieces considering their quality is generally accepted as good and they have established positive reputations.  However it was recently brought up in discussion on the replica post that some people would like to see more brand reviews on the community so I decided to give it a shot. 

I bought the Gertrude dress back in November at PMX.  It's the short version in blue.  Originally I wanted the skirt (the bustle!) but it was sold out.  I'm really glad I went with the jsk, though.

The design is printed on something like chiffon?  But it's not too flimsy and it's slightly textured.

I had to adjust the contrast for a better view of the fabric texture.  It's also a nice closeup of the print detail.

The front (carriage) and backside (castle) of the fabric.  You can also see the bottom hem, which is done with a fold under and a single stitch.

Dress turned inside out to show the full lining.  The lining is smooth and satiny and attached to the top fabric by two little strings near the bottom hem at the two sides.  I assume they do this to keep it from riding up?

Something I didn't realize was that most (maybe all?) of IW's jsks have adjustable shoulder straps where you can remove the button and lower or raise it for a better fit.  I'm considering moving mine down slightly.

Minimal lace on this dress, but the edges of the straps and bodice have minor detailing.

The loops on the back for the lacing are fairly sturdy compared to the ones on the AatP jsk I own which uses lace (I've heard of these breaking easily?) The ribbon is a nice grosgrain instead of the cheap satin ones that bodyline uses.

I don't know much about hems or sewing, but I think this is serged?  It's the inside seam down the sides of the dress.

Overall I'd say the construction is nice and I love the materials.  However, there are a few funny things to point out...

I know it's difficult to get the print along the seams to line up, but these created amusing images.  One of the horses hitched a ride in the carriage and the other is deformed.

The only other odd mishap is that the tag was sewn in upside down.  Doesn't bother me, but I thought it was worth mentioning that the dress isn't ~*perfect*~

So there we go!  Hopefully this is useful to somebody.  If you have any questions or want additional photos of particular details, just ask!
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