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Paradise Rose Theme Post- Blue AND Sweets!

Paradise Rose is a little internet shop originating in the Midwest of the states. Back in 2008 I jumped onto the bandwagon of sweets jewelry and found a niche in making my cupcakes- roses!  Ever since we've been making cupcakes and parfaits with various roses and cabochons and have created an image for ourselves with our signature black cupcake with red roses! We've mostly been selling at conventions but recently we set up shop on etsy which is proving to be fun :) 

This month's theme fits in very well with our latest two batches of cupcakes and parfaits. We made quite a few blue sweet cupcakes and parfaits that we would like to share with you! 
Not only were they blue and sweet, but they fit the winter season too!


Of course, we also have blue sweet cupcakes sand parfaits that can be worn year round!


Since it's still Christmas (fourth day!), we would like to share a few Christmas sweets we had made too! 


This is one I actually ended up keeping because it fit my outfit so well :) It jingles!!! 

Here are a few of our cupcakes and parfaits that match the theme of Sweets this month!
Most of these are from the latest and final batch of 2010 available now :) 

Our necklaces-



Our rings-




A collection of rings and necklaces that are going to be offered in lucky packs to celebrate the New Year :)

We have some non cupcake and parfait sweets too! Cabochons,  floral headdresses, rose rings, even D&D goodies for the geeky lolita! 
We're coming out with much more- our hopes are to focus on classical, gothic, mori, and fairy kei before Acen 2011 in May! 
So many ideas are floating through my head- I can't wait to share them with all of you :)

Here are a few of our other sweets :) 



If you are interested in more, we have a blog and a new facebook page

If you like what you see, please support us by following us and liking us on our blog and facebook :) 
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