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Finding a lolita photographer? Also, photo requests 0:)

The short version:
☆ Does anyone know a good photographer in Louisiana?
☆ Any suggestions on picking a lolita photographer?
☆ Is there a website for finding local photographers?
☆ Share your favorite lolita inspired photo shoots with me? :)

I want to get a professional photo shoot done wearing lolita, possibly involving another local lolita or two but I'm just not so sure how to go about finding a proper photographer.


My first obvious question, does anyone have any suggestions or experiences with photographers located in Louisiana? We have a few anime conventions down here, so maybe a good cosplay photographer would also do well at lolita? I just don't know how to go about getting in touch with them considering it's not con season. I'm nervous to just walk into some big name sit down photographer with boring senior pictures and such on the walls and try to explain to them what lolita is and what I'm looking for. Would you try and explain the fashion, or just go in saying you want to take pictures in "costumes" to avoid the trouble/confusion?


I don't want just your average sit down in front of a backdrop and smile pretty...I want different, strange, out there, fun backgrounds and a photographer that would be able to work with the fashion and posing us (I have no modeling experience at all). I'm thinking I want to do one elegant/classic/gothic shoot, which I'm sure being near New Orleans I could find good locations to shoot, but I also want to do something with an AP print with lots of colors/excitement and that's what I'm most concerned about the photographer for.


I remember there being a website or two where photographers and models meet on forums to talk and set up appointments, but I can't remember what they're called, nor am I sure if that would be my best option considering I am not a professional model?


I would love for you to share any links to your favorite lolita inspired photo shoots, or specific pictures you enjoy from any set. I've looked through the memories, but there's so many I'd love to see what you guys have saved. (Especially since many of the "photo shoots" I've come across on egl are blurry digital camera photos taken by a family member in front of a messy bedroom and called a "photo shoot" :P


Thanks for any suggestions, tips, personal experiences, or photos you share! Have an amazing day :)

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