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Bonnet time!

 I know I'm a few months late on the theme, but I wanted some feedback on a bonnet I made! For kicks, it is in tutorial format, so if any of you lovely lolis want to try and make your own (or have opinions on how to improve my own crafting!) you are certainly welcome to use this tutorial :)
 ~~**~~**~~**VERY PICTURE HEAVY!**~~**~~**~~

Okay, lets start off with some supplies! Here is what I used:

 From top to bottom, left to right: 
Sparkly lace
 Velvet lace
 Single-backed satin ribbon (boo hiss satin!)
 Thin satin ribbon
 Satin bows
 Cheap visor from walmart
 Black fabric (in this case, scrub pants are pictured.... lol.)
           Pretty much everything you need you can get at good ol' Wal-Mart. Exciting, right?

 Lets jump right in!
 Start by placing your visor on your fabric, and cut around the shape in a wide semi-circle.

Once you have it cut out, it should look like this:

 Next, cut a long piece of fabric that is wider than your visor is tall.

 Like so:

Please note: Make yours A LOT LONGER THAN PICTURED. While doing this tutorial I had to use two strips of material... Its easier to just get it in one go :)

Next, being pleating. I dont have a machine, so everyone with a machine go to the next step. Ill be here awhile.


I made my pleats very small and tight, but its up to the design you want :)

 When you are finished, you should have something like this:

Dog is optional, she was curious what was taking my attention from her... Ha...

Next, glue the pleated fabric onto the inside of your visor. It will look kinda like a lions mane when you finish. Before gluing, please make sure your fabric reaches all the way around the inside of the brim, so both sides are even (unlike mine)


Next, glue the excess onto the back on the visor, just around the edge. Don't worry, we are going to cut everything else off. Like so:


 Once you are finished, it should look something like this:


 Simply cut off everything that isn't glued. Next, take your sparkly lace, and begin gluing the lace to the edge. I pleated mine a little bit to keep it from flopping around:


 Remember that piece we cut out at the beginning? Time to glue that on. Go right up to the edge of your visor, covering the glue-stained part of the lace. PULL THE FABRIC SUPER TIGHT!


 Next... I... I kinda forgot to take photos.... I pretty much covered the raw edge next to the lace with the velvet lace. Then, I took my satin ribbon and glued it onto the back of the bonnet. Make sure your ribbon is long enough to go around and tie at the bottom! After that, I just glued the bows onto the ribbon. When you are don, it should look like this: 


 Next, clean up the back! I just put more of the velvet ribbon around the back to make it look cleaner:


 And when you are all done, add a bow or flower and you are all set! Here it is worn:


And a profile shot:


It natrually looks better when in lolita (and with makeup on... lol)

 And thats about it! Any questions/critiques/comments welcome! I hope this inspired someone! 
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