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Anna House Review

I recently ordered these 3 items from Anna House:

Although I recieved my order quickly, especially considering I ordered bespoke items, it was a huge letdown.I was extremely disappointed with the skirt and blouse. I ordered both to be made bespoke (to fit my measurements) because I am too tall and of the wrong body type to fit Anna House's standard sizes. When I received the clothes, I found that they had been made to match my specified body measurments exactly, which meant I had no room to move or breathe. There were several other flaws with the clothes as well. I'd specified the skirt length measuring from my natural waist down, but the Anna House people measured from the top of the high waistband down, so my skirt was way too short. The zipper in the side of the skirt was made badly, and will not zip all the way up. I also specified the length of the blouse's sleeves down to the fitted cuffs (because I wanted to make sure the cuff sat exactly at my wrist). I said that length measurement did not include the lace at the end of the cuff, and the employees interpreted my comment to mean that I did not want any lace on the cuffs of my blouse, which I did want. And even when I tried to be so precise with the sleeve length, the sleeves were still too short. On top of all these problems, the fabric the skirt and blouse are made of is of very poor quality, when compared to the fabric Anna House used to use. The berry print fabric on the skirt is practically see-through without a petticoat underneath, and the white cotton the contrasting ruffles on the skirt and the blouse are made of is also very thin and see-through, as well as being rather shiny, which is not a good look for Lolita fashion.

The thing that made this Anna House order the most disappointing is the fact that I've ordered from them once before, about 2 years ago, and that time I was very impressed by the quality of their materials and how well they tailored the bespoke items to fit me. I should have realised that the ita-like items they've been coming out with lately were a bad sign. I suspect Anna House has come under new management, and this new management is drastically reducing quality while keeping the prices the same. I would say that aside from the shoes (which were the only item in my order that was on par with past quality), Anna House's quality is now inferior to that of Bodyline's newer items. So if you can fit into Bodyline, choose it instead of Anna House. And if you're like me, and need a brand that makes custom sizes so you can fit into the clothes and still breathe, you're out of luck.

EDIT: Upon request, here are some photos of the clothes I ordered. But I don't think they will be very helpful, because my camera is not good at capturing details such as the transparency or sheen of fabric.


Detachable bow on blouse:

Comparison of old AH blouse (left) to new one (right):


Close-up of skirt fabric. Note that the lace on the skirt is very good quality, but the lace on the blouse is not.

Zipper on skirt. When I wear the skirt, it will not zip past this point.

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