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A medium sized art post!

Art Post!
Hello! Recently I've had the chance to play around with vector illustrations for a few classes of mine, and I figured since they where made with the fashion in mind, it would be appropriate to post them here. I really hope I've been improving lately, and I'm definitely open to constructive criticism! =D Since the digital files are .ai's, I'll do my best to fix any errors. Two are in watercolors, so I can really only make minimal fixes at this point, but it will all be taken to heart and I will use it to improve in the future. =D

The first assignment was to create a holiday card not geared to any specific religion. So, I tried to go with more generic cutesy motifs. This was my first time attempting to draw a person in illustrator, so I had some difficulty transitioning some of the things I normally do. Mainly the eyes. =( Lace patterns are from Mezzochan on Deviantart.
For one of my classes, we had to do a simple ten second animation. I'm not so fond of how my finished product turned out, but for mine I decided to animate some carousel ponies-inspired by Sugary Carnival! I also made this in illustrator, and them imported it into photoshop in a few colorways. It was made with the intent of being on a transparent background.The pink was thrown up last minute to make it visible against the white of some websites. =( If you click the link, you can see how I intended it to be. Although it was meant to be as simple as possible, I still feel like something is missing. Any ideas?

These last two are kind of old and autumnal. This was done for a fairy tale themed contest over on DA, and I was kind of stretching my atrophic watercolors muscles. lol.The paper I used bled like crazy though! I had this whole composition and idea in my head, but once I drew it up, I was pretty iffy on it.=/

Lastly, something I did around Halloween, that I ended up kind of content with. I know she suffers from tiny shoulders and claw hands syndrome, but I felt like with color theory I really stepped out of my comfort zone. Any thoughts or suggestions? D=

Thank you for your time! I hope this wasn't the worst art post ever. OTL. I hope someone likes any of these at least somewhat! Haha. gkjrhagkhadkghkdg D=
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