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Taobaospree, HMHM & Surface Spell

I have some shoes being made, so my agent said I could add on in the meantime. I added a couple purses with no problem, but when I asked her if a coat from HMHM and a dress from Surface Spell needed to be made to order and she replied in a few minutes that Taobaospree doesn't order from HMHM anymore because they have bad service and Surface Spell has stopped taking orders. None of this seems to be true given what I've heard. She has a good reputation for being very efficient and up until now, she has been, but when I asked what happened with HMHM (because I only hear good things about them) and how long Surface Spell would not be taking orders(like maybe over the holidays), and I got no reply to that and nothing in reference to the other two items I asked about. Most of the questions I sent last night were very simple, but got pretty incomplete responses.

Taobaospree has told me in the past that they have missed emails, so I sent it again, still with no reply. Since it's the holiday, this wouldn't have been strange to me if the most recent responses didn't seem so dismissive. I'm not in a hurry and expected to wait a few days for her to get the info I requested. I guess I'll have to order something else, but it's going to be hard because I labored over the decision to get that coat from HMHM for days. Since I didn't get a reply to the last two emails I sent, I feel weird about asking to add on more, even though I was planning on  placing a big order  :-/

Thoughts on what might be going on with the agent/Taobao stores?

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