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Photo Snap Shots! Angelic Pretty, Putumayo, etc.

This is the time to show off your favorite fashion coordination!!
We started the "In Store Snap Shots Gallery"!!
We are taking pictures of customers and posting them on the store wall.
To get your pictures taken, wear your favorite clothes from the following brands:
Angelic Pretty
Atelier Pierrot (all brands carried by Atelier Pierrot also)
Listen Flavor
Maxicimam (MA, MAM)
Sex Pot Revenge

It's so easy!
You don't have to wear full top to bottom clothes from the brands.
Just one item would be fine.
If our staff do not notice that you are wearing the brand clothes (hope doesn't happen...),
please kindly tell us to get your picture taken. (Don't be embarrassed!) :)

We are planning to do an "Online Snap Shots Gallery" too.
We will announce more details when the time comes.

Also Introducing Putumayo Facebook and Twitter!!
Putumayo started a event called "Putumayo World Snap"

PUTUMAYO          Putumayo Press
     Twitter                                  Facebook
We are taking pictures of people who wear Putumayo clothes to the sore, and Putumayo will share the pictures on there Facebook and Twitter!!
It's you chance to be on the official Putumayo site!
Please visit the store with your favorite Putumayo clothes, and we will take your picture and send it to Putumayo. Doesn't have to be top to bottom Putumayo. Just one item would be fine.
Waiting for all Putumayo fans!!

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