BabyCinnamoroll (babycinnamoroll) wrote in egl,

Potentially stupid question ahead.

 Alright, I checked the memories and couldn't find anything on the subject and I tried looking at various brand sites but I also couldn't find anything ... so I ask; 

Could one use MULTIPLE cards to pay at, say, Meta's online store? 

I have near $200 and I can't find a card that doesn't require me to have a bank account that allows me to put more then $100 on a single card. I'm really scared of trying to use two cards and then they think I'm doing something shady and put me on the blacklist. D X> 

And my parents won't let me use their credit cards because they say "All OFFENSIVE WORD sites are full of scammers, if I let you use my card, they'll take everything from my account!" and it so frustrating. T ^ T  I just want a Honey Picnic set before they get sold out .... thats all I want for Christmas!! >X D; 

Any help would be very much appreciated!  
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