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oh dear...

So I orderd from bodyline last week, think it was Friday and they shipped my package on monday, according to my DHL tracking the parcel left Japan on Sunday but hasnt landed anywhere else yet, no0w, I KNOW it doiesnt take 2 days to get from Japan to the UK  but thge tracking status just seems to stop so what Im asking is has this happened to anyone else before?  Am I panicking for nothing (as I realise with it being so close to Christmas and airports all over the UK being closed due to snow, despite living in Manchester where we've not been affected as badly, that it may just be taking its time) or should I get in touch with DHL (I doubt bodyline could tell me anything), I would just quite like to receive my christmas presents BEFORE christmas day, thanks in advance and merry christmas (or any other holidays loli's here celebrate) ^^
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