lemontree11 (lemontree11) wrote in egl,

Looking for lethean_reverie


Originally I had planned on waiting to post after Christmas, but I think the sooner the better.

On December 6th I ordered a pair of wig falls from her and paid. I had no problem in doubting her because she had really good feedback. She mentions that she would be able to ship that Wednesday (Dec 8) or Thursday(Dec 9) of that week however it is already the 21st of December. The type of shipping was domestic if she had shipped and should've arrived by now.

I tried commenting the original post of the sale

PMing and even E-mailing her but I have yet to receive a reply.

I don't mind if i would have to wait a few more days for my item to come since there is a holiday lag, but I would like to stay informed... and her not replying worries me.

Does anyone know anything about her?

Tags: !attention buyer/seller

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